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Company IT-Decision Telecom - is a talented team of professionals in the field of telecommunications (mobile messaging, VoIP) and software development. The mission of our work it's improving and simplifying the communication between companies and their clients. We have achieved significant growth and now have leading position in the CIS countries, as well as actively developing in Europe and Asia regions.

SMS messaging platform (SMS Gateway) as well as VoIP system from IT-Decision Telecom it's complex solution for sending mobile messages / Voice calls worldwide (A2P messaging, 2FA two factor authentication via SMS, OTP one-time SMS passwords, marketing and other messages).
SMS API (SMPP, HTTP/XML) with built-in intelligence for maximum speed and deliverability makes it easy to carry out the integration of SMS-Platform and forget about the headaches associated with connecting services to Web & Mobile App.

Work with enthusiasm, purposefully, responsibility and ability to achieve their goals are what's important for IT-Decision.