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ИП abz.agenсy

Briefly about our company. Since 2005 we have been working in outsourcing web development. Our main clients are StartUp companies (UK, Germany, Israel, US) and clients who need custom solutions (LAMP+Node/PHP+frontend frameworks).

Our employees have expertise in more than 30 fields of activity: SaaS, StartUp, e-Commerce, CRM/ERP, restaurant, education, coupons, gas station and tank farms, show jumping, hotel, MLM, and other.

In 2013−2014 we made two own StartUp mozaus.com (On-Line service) and maquetter.com (SaaS).

Now we have about 40 employees in 3 offices in Ukraine: backend developers, frontend developers, QA, designer, SEO specialists, iOS/Android developer. Now we plan to expand to 50−80 employees.

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