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HR Capital Consulting LLC (HRC) is the leading recruitment company in Uzbekistan, established in 2006. We place the interests of our customers and the quality of service to the top of our priorities.

Our mission is to help our customers in successful development of their businesses through provision of quality HR services including selection and development of company staff. We work closely with each customer to accurately understand needs and develop an efficient recruitment solution.

Our goal is to maintain leadership on recruitment and HR consulting market in the region, foster the image of professional recruitment and become a driving force for the development of professional HR services market in the country.

We seek long-term and close relationships with our customers and candidates, and we adhere to high ethical standards and professional principles:
• honesty and objectivity in work and relationships;
• high confidentiality of your information;
• awareness of customers on the working techniques;
• all tests and reference checks on applicants are made only on prior consent of the candidate.

The key task of HRC is to strengthen your competitiveness through top-quality staff. The main indicator of the quality of our work is the success of your company and the people working in it. Our slogan is "The best people for the Best Companies."


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